LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System: Gentle on the Earth, Gentle on your Clothes

LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System: Gentle on the Earth, Gentle on your Clothes

OMNI Solutions' LUX Advanced Oxidation Laundry System provides outstanding cleaning and disinfection. LUX technology supercharges washing machines through an advanced oxidation process. Utilizing a safe UV light, the LUX Generator turns air into earth's most potent natural oxidizer: hydroxyl radicals - more powerful than hot water and bleach. The system achieves outstanding bright whites and helps keep linens softer than traditional methods.


OMNI'S LUX System is Proven to Kill SARS-CoV-2, the Virus Causing COVID-19.



Hydroxyls, ozone, and peroxide are effective oxidizing agents produced inside sealed stainless steel generating chambers. As air is drawn through the chamber, molecules of oxygen recombine to create hydroxyls (OH), ozone (O3), and peroxide (H2O2). The advanced chemistry oxidizes contaminants quickly and leaves no harmful byproducts. The oxidizers naturally dissipate back into pure oxygen in approximately 7 minutes.


LUX Key Features

One sixty-pound capacity washer with the LUX System could save more than 5,820 therms. The OMNI Solutions' Laundry System supplies savings throughout the laundry process by significantly reducing dry times. Injecting Hydroxyl radicals into the wash minimize the buildup of calcium in linen fibers, allowing sheets, towels, and blankets to release water faster during the spin cycle. Without all the calcium, fibers in the linen are less stiff, so textiles stay softer and more comfortable.


Hydroxyls are more stable at lower temperatures, reducing the need for hot water by 85%.


Cutting natural gas costs and reducing the laundry's carbon footprint is just the start. Most washers have factory-programmed wash cycles for different types of linens and soil levels. A facility may use nine or more different cycles and higher than necessary water levels. With the LUX System, OMNI Solutions' technicians can program the wash cycles to reduce water and chemical consumption. The average annual water conservation is over 100,000 gallons per 60 lb capacity washer.


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