Why should I choose WaveMAX?

We offer top notch quality, your clothes will be returned neatly folded and sorted in a way that makes it easy to go from laundry bag to your drawers! Our standard bag is a great option for busy families as they will hold about one family member’s laundry so your laundry will be sorted by family member! 

We process all laundry at our location in the Noda neighborhood with industry leading equipment. We have a unique sanitization system in our washers that provides a deeper clean than anyone else in Charlotte! 

Are laundromat washing machines clean?

Laundromat washing machines are routinely cleaned. However, it's always a good idea to check the machine before using it to ensure it's clean. Here at WaveMAX, our machines are cleaned and inspected regularly, so you can rest assured that your clothes will come out clean and fresh.

Can I keep the bag?

Yes, for sure!

Do I need to sort my clothes into different colors (whites and colors)?

We'll take care of all the separating for you! Please let us know if there is anything special you would like done with your clothes. We try to accommodate all requests.

Do I need to weigh my laundry?

No, you don’t have to weigh your laundry. We have a scale on-site for weighing clothes before they are washed! This helps ensure the best results for your laundry.

Do you accept credit cards?

We are happy to take all major credit cards for our wash-dry fold service, so you don't have to worry about carrying any cash or coins!

Do you do bulk laundry for commercial establishments?

Yes, we offer bulk laundry services for commercial establishments. We have a range of machines that can accommodate large loads of laundry.

Do you dry my clothes?

Yes, we dry your clothes as included in our wash-dry-fold laundry service unless you request otherwise.

How are most people using WaveMAX’s delivery service?

This service is perfect for busy families or anyone who doesn’t want to spend a bunch of time doing their laundry.   

The recurring weekly service is ideal for busy families. Our standard bag size option is great for kids and all laundry will be sorted if each family member has their own bag. You decide what day of the week you want your laundry picked up and we bring sorted, clean, folded clothes to you the next business day 

The one time service is great for anyone who doesn’t want to waste a day doing their laundry! 

How do you use a self-service washing machine?

To use a self-service washing machine, you'll need to select the cycle you want and insert your laundry card into the slot. Add your clothes and close the lid for the machine to start. After the cycle is finished, you'll need to remove your clothes and put them in a dryer.

How does commercial laundry work?

The process of commercial laundry begins with sorting. Clothes and linens are sorted by color, fabric type, and filthiness. Once sorted, they are loaded into washing machines. These machines are often much larger than residential machines and can accommodate more items simultaneously.

How does self-service laundry work?

You’ll need to purchase a laundry card from the attendant or vending machine. Once you have your card, you can activate it by putting money on it at the register. These machines take cash and credit cards. After your card is activated, you can begin using any of the washers or dryers in the laundromat.

How much does it cost?

For one time customers our large bag costs $45, which can hold up to 35 pounds of laundry (4-5 loads). Our standard bag costs $35, which can hold up to 25 pounds of laundry (3-4 loads). Weekly subscribers get a 15% discount on their entire order! No delivery fees!

How will my clothes be cared for?

We treat them as our own! WaveMAX uses the best machines available. We have brand new Electrolux washers and dryers that utilize the most advanced technology to clean your clothes. Our standard wash cycle is using cold water with Gain detergent. We separate colors and whites, and also separate any linens or towels. Special requests can be accommodated. Our washers also have a UV Sanitization program that provides a near hospital grade clean, this will kill any bacteria or viruses that may be on garments.  

We will neatly sort and fold and return to you in the bags they were picked up in. We take great pride in our folding, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to go from laundry bag to drawer! 

We will neatly sort and fold and return to you in the bags they were picked up in. We take great pride in our folding; our goal is to make it as easy as possible to go from laundry bag to drawer!

I missed my pickup window; how do I reschedule?

This happens, not a big deal! If our driver doesn’t see your laundry bags ready to be picked up, they will call you. If they do not hear back within 5 minutes they will continue on with their route. Go back onto the site and reschedule your pickup. There is a $10 fee for missed pickups for one-time orders, this fee is waived for weekly subscribers.

Is a wash-dry-fold laundry service worth having than doing the laundry myself?

A wash-dry-fold laundry service can be worth having if you do not have the time or ability to do your laundry. These services can be beneficial if you have a large family or live in a small space where washing and drying laundry is difficult. The convenience of having someone else do your laundry for you can be worth the cost of the service.

Is my identity and payment information protected?

We believe in protecting your privacy, and we work hard to keep all the information stored about you confidential. Your payment details are never shared or sold to anyone.

Is there a fee for canceling your weekly, recurring order?

No fees for cancelling your weekly orders. Also can drop off the weekly, recurring service any time you would like

What are the benefits of commercial laundry?

There are many benefits of using commercial laundry services, especially for businesses. Commercial laundry services can save businesses time and money. They can also ensure that clothes and linen are cleaned correctly and consistently. This can be especially important for businesses that require a high level of cleanliness, such as restaurants or hospitals.

What are the benefits of using a self-service laundry?

Some benefits of self-service laundry include convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Self-service laundry allows you to wash and dry your clothes on your schedule.

What happens if my clothes are damaged?

We're always grateful when our customers take the time to inform us about any issues with their orders. This rarely happens, but if it does, we'll work hard with you to find a fair solution!

What happens with items left in pockets?

As part of our process we check pockets for any items, however certain items like pens and lipstick can be hard to find and really bad for clothes. We always strive for the highest quality and try to catch but are not responsible for damage from items left in pockets. Please check your pockets! 

What happens with missing or damaged items?

The safety and handling of your items are our #1 priority! We have several processes and controls in place to prevent this from happening. However, mistakes do happen, we are committed to making you completely whole the best we can. Please let us know as soon as you can about the specific issue and we will work together to right the wrong. The max liability WaveMAX will be responsible for is $500 for any lost/damaged items 

What is commercial laundry?

Commercial laundry is the process of cleaning clothes and linen for businesses. It usually involves high-volume machines and other specialized equipment. Laundromats often provide commercial laundry services.

What type of products do you use?

We're committed to being environmentally responsible, meaning you can feel good about washing your clothes at our laundromat. We use an unscented eco-friendly hypoallergenic detergent, so we don't irritate the skin with harsh chemicals!

When are your pickup and delivery times?

We pickup in the mornings Monday-Friday, leave your laundry bags out by 8am and we will get them. (leave notes in your order if not leaving at your front door, i.e. back porch, apartment concierge desk, etc). 

We will deliver your clean laundry the following business day, you will be notified via text the progress of your delivery. 

Do you offer dry cleaning?

We do not offer dry cleaning at this time, we hope to change this very soon 

When is the last wash available?

We know how important it is to get your laundry done quickly, so we let you start the last wash 30 minutes before closing. You can even use the dryer until all of our clothes are completely dry! Closing times vary by location.

Where Do I Find Your Closest Location?

WaveMAX Laundry has multiple laundromats in different locations around the country. Find your nearest WaveMAX laundromat by checking our “Locations” page on the website.

Why is it important to dry and fold clean laundry promptly?

Clean laundry can quickly become wrinkled if it is not promptly dried and folded. Wrinkles are difficult to remove and require special care or treatments. Also, laundry that is not thoroughly dried can develop mildew or mold, affecting your health. It is essential to dry and fold clean laundry promptly to keep it looking its best and prevent potential health hazards.

Why is self-service laundry important?

Self-service laundry is essential because it allows people to do their laundry without relying on others. It also saves money and time, as people can wash and dry their clothes in one place.

Will you wash and dry my clothes with other people's clothes?

No, we will not wash and dry your clothes with other people's clothes. We understand that you may have specific laundry needs or preferences, and we want to respect your wishes. We will wash and dry your clothes separately from other people's clothes to ensure that they are handled according to your instructions.

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