The Cleanest, Fastest, and Safest Laundromat in Dallas, TX

Finding a laundromat in Dallas, TX, that is clean, fast, and safe can be a challenge. Laundromats are often dirty, slow, and unsafe. But not all laundromats are created equal.

WaveMAX Laundry prides itself on being the cleanest, fastest, and safest laundromat in Dallas, TX. We understand that your time is valuable and that you want your clothes to be clean and safe, and that's why we've made it our mission to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Our laundromat is always clean and well-lit. We have high-speed washers and dryers that will get your clothes clean quickly. And our laundromat is located in a safe neighborhood, so you can feel comfortable while you're here. We also have security systems to ensure you and your belongings are safe while doing laundry.

So, if you're looking for a laundromat in Dallas, TX, that is clean, fast, and safe, look no further than WaveMAX Laundry. We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our service!

Our Dallas, TX, Laundry Services

We want our customers in Dallas to have the best laundromat experience possible, which is why we offer a wide variety of laundry services. Our laundromat is large and spacious, so you can easily wash and dry your clothes. We also have a team of friendly and helpful staff members who are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Self-Serve Laundry Service

Our self-serve laundry service is perfect for those who want to wash and dry their own clothes. We have a wide variety of washing machines and dryers; we have 26 Electrolux washers ranging from 18 lbs. to 80lbs. and 28 Electrolux dryers from 18 lbs. to 50 lbs., so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

We are open from 7 AM to 10 PM daily, so you can come and wash your clothes at a convenient time.

Drop-Off Wash-Dry-Fold Service

If you don't have the time to wash your clothes yourself, we also offer a drop-off wash-dry-fold service. Just bring your laundry to us, and our staff will take care of the rest.

We provide soap, dryer sheets, storage bags, and hangers. We use only premium brand products such as Tide, Oxi-Clean, Downy, Spray n Wash, and Downey dryer sheets. We also offer organic free & clear options as well.

For only $1.00/lb., we will wash, dry, and fold your clothes for you and have them ready for pick-up within 24 hours.

Plus, we offer a 20% discount exclusive for new customers only!

Commercial Laundry Services

For businesses, we offer commercial laundry services. We have a wide range of industrial-grade washing machines and dryers that can handle any size load. We also have a team of experienced launderers who will take care of your laundry needs quickly and efficiently.

We will wash your linens, towels, uniforms, and more. First impressions are essential, and we want your customers to have a positive image of your business.

We offer competitive rates and discounts for businesses that sign up for our commercial laundry services.

Whether you need self-serve, drop-off, or commercial laundry services, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our laundromat in Dallas, TX.

The Only Laundromat You'll Ever Need in Dallas, TX

WaveMAX Laundry ensures that when you come to use our services for the first time, you'll be convinced that we're the only laundromat you'll ever need in Dallas and that you'll keep returning! We provide top-quality self-serve, drop-off, and commercial laundry services using only the best products and top-of-the-line machines available.

Our laundromat is open from 7 AM to 10 PM daily to serve you better, and we have a wide variety of washers and dryers for you to choose from. Our helpful staff is always available to answer any questions or assist you with anything you need.

Visit us today at 3220 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75211!

WaveMAX Sanitization


WaveMAX Dallas TX
WaveMAX Dallas TX

Benefits of LUX System from Omni Solutions:

  • Highest Level of Disinfection Available
  • Needs Less Detergent
  • Increase the Life of Your Clothes by 20%
  • Increased Fabric Softness
  • Outstanding Bright Whites and Colors
  • Eliminates Odor and Odor-Causing Bacteria
  • Helps Eliminate Stains
  • Reduces water retention,n making drying EVEN FASTER
  • Safe for all of your Laundry Needs
  • Learn More


Save Time and Money with our FAST Washing Machines and Dryers!

We offer our customers the choice of doing their own laundry or utilizing our wash-dry-fold service. If you choose to do your laundry, save money and time with our FAST self-serve washers and dryers. We have Electrolux washers; all are front loading and operate similarly. We also have top-of-the-line Electrolux Dryers. You can use our 30lbs. or 50lbs. dryer pockets. Remember, they are always HOT and provide faster drying times than other laundromats in the Dallas area.

  • Helpful Attendants
  • Cleanest Laundromat
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Top Rated
  • 24 Hour Security Surveillance
  • Touchless Card System
  • Always Bright & Clean
  • Text Alerts When Laundry is Done
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • UV System Cleaning


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