Welcome to the new WaveMax Laundry in Durham, North Carolina! WaveMax is not your typical laundromat. We offer a fully-attended laundromat with friendly staff, fast and efficient equipment, and a clean and comfortable facility! Our easy-to-use card system allows customers to load value with cash, credit, or EBT and receive text notifications about cycle completion. We are locally owned and operated and are passionate about providing the best customer service around! We are conveniently located on the southeast corner of Guess Road and Carver Street, just north of I-85. There are parking entrances from both Guess and Carver, and we offer ample store-front parking. We are also directly accessible from the GoDurham 1-1A-1B bus lines, with a stop right across the street.

There are numerous restaurants and other services within walking distance, and our convenient location makes WaveMax Durham the BEST laundry place. Rather have us do your laundry or wash your comforter? No problem! Our convenient drop-off service is quick, easy, and affordable. Our highly trained staff will wash, dry, and fold your laundry for you. We also hang up dresses, collared shirts, and dress pants to make our service convenient. Soap, dryer sheets, hangers, and storage bags are included, and service is completed within 24 hours! You can opt-in to receive a text message when your order is ready for pick-up. Give WaveMax a try!

WaveMAX Laundry in Durham, NC is not your typical laundromat! Friendly staff, clean and comfortable! Our fully attended laundromat is different than any other you have encountered. We are a locally owned and operated laundromat passionate about providing the best customer service around! That means 100% complete satisfaction guaranteed! Experience amazing today!

We have the best self-serve washing equipment in Durham. The efficiency of our washing machines and dryers will get you in and out in half the time of other laundromats. Experience our state-of-the-art laundromat today to find out for yourself. We are conveniently located in Durham, NC.

Rather have us do your laundry? No problem! Our convenient Drop-Off Laundry Service is a no-brainer. With this drop-off service, we provide detergent and dryer sheets. We fold your laundry, and hang up dresses, collared shirts, and dress pants to make our service as convenient as possible.

Own a business that goes through a lot of laundry? Try our Commercial Laundry Service today! There are no contracts, lower minimums, and faster turnaround time than the other laundry services in Durham.

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