When You Need the Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights You Need to Work with Us

The search for the Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights is over – it’s WaveMAX Laundry . With a friendly staff and the best equipment in the region, we are different than our competition. Additionally, we provide a spotless, cozy, and expert laundry facility. You can keep reading to learn more about out services and then call us at Phone: (562) 269-0509 .

You Will Be Completely Satisfied When You Choose Our Family Owned and Operated Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights

We are an actual family-run Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our services. When you need clean clothes and garments, start with working with the cleanest Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights. Thanks to our effective machinery and pristine facilities, we are confident that you will have a wonderful experience. Give us a try, and you'll be back!



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Make Your Laundry More Time-Effective!

Our facility has self-service washers and dryers that can finish your laundry in half the time of a standard machine. There are a lot of reasons you’ll love turning your laundry day into a laundry hour, including 450G machines, convenient touchless card payment, plus UV sanitization. Visit our Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights to see the difference for yourself.

We Also Offer Drop-Off Laundry Service for Total Convenience

Would you prefer that we take care of your laundry? We’ve got you covered there too! Use of our drop-off washing services is quite simple. We provide all needed materials, such as soap and dryer sheets. To make our service as handy as possible, we fold your clothes and hang dresses, collared shirts, and formal pants.

We weigh your laundry when you bring it in and charge by the pound, giving you a price up front to avoid any surprises. We separate the laundry by color (white and lights together, darks together) and it is washed and dried on its own, without mixing with other orders. All items are instantly folded or placed on hung up after being taken out of the dryers.

Please let us know if you have any unique requirements or instructions. A common request is to use a client’s detergent and softener instead of our dryer balls and detergent. You will be notified by text when your order is ready. It really is that simple.

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WaveMAX Tustin CA
WaveMAX Tustin CA

You Will Not Find a Better Commercial Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights

Do you manage a business that does a lot of laundry? Try out our commercial laundry services, we recommend it. There are no contracts, lower minimums, and faster turnaround time than the other laundry services the area. We use the latest in commercial washers that get your whites whiter, your colors brighter, and your laundry softer. You will appreciate how friendly and knowledgeable our attendants are. Do you have special requests? Just let us know!

Additionally, we employ a unique Omni UV sanitization technology, which provides a clean, disinfected outcome that you won't find at any other Best Laundry Service Near Bluff Heights. Our medical grade disinfection is 500 times more potent than hot water and bleach, making it ideal for your industrial laundry needs.

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