Laundry Made Simple

Schedule a pickup and delivery with WaveMAX and lighten your load! All your laundry will be washed by our professional staff in our immaculate facility. No outsourcing to random people in unknown locations! Have neatly folded laundry delivered right to your front door. Perfect for anyone with better things to do than laundry.

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WaveMAX Charlotte NC



We pick up and Delivery all days of the week. All orders are professionally processed in our facility by our trained laundry processors and delivered back to you the either the same day or the next day depending on when the order was submitted to us. We will inform you of the steps through processing and delivery.

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Do you hate doing laundry? Let WaveMAX do it for you!

We offer residential pickup and delivery throughout Marietta.

We provide detergent and softeners along with hypoallergenic Free and Clear as requested. Everything is washed per your instructions and all clothes are neatly folded and/or hung on hangers.

A small trip fee may be added depending on location. Call for final pricing.

What are the next steps when you choose to have WaveMAX handle your laundry needs? Our process is as simple as 1-2-3!

Exterior of a WaveMAX Lavanderia Laundry with a brick facade and large glass windows displaying various service signs. The entrance has a "Welcome" sign and a "No Parking" sign near the door.


  1. We will pick up your dirty laundry at your chosen location.
  2. The laundry is weighed and charged at 1.25/lb. Some larger items have different charges.
  3. Items are picked up all days of the week from 7 am-10 pm and delivered either the same day or the next day depending on when the items were picked up.
  4. Everything is carefully folded and delivered back to your location of choice
  5. Payments are processed through our safe and secure software once the order is finished.



Per Pound One Time.
Delivery pick up and drop off charges extra based on distance from Wavemax facility.

Special Item

  • Regular Twin/Full Comforter: $12
  • Regular Queen/King Comforter: $15
  • Down Twin/Full Comforter: $17
  • Down Queen/King Comforter: $20
  • Regular Pillows: $5
  • Down Pillows: $10
  • Regular Sleeping Bags: $12
  • Down Sleeping Bags: $17


We offer residential pickup and delivery throughout the Greater Atlanta area - Prices for the pick-up and delivery will vary depending on the distance to our facility.

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