Prideful Ownership

We are looking for business partners. Not someone who is looking at opening a store and bleeding it dry. We want our owners to take pride in their investment like we have done at the Corporate store. (We never get tired of hearing how clean and professional our store is compared to the rest of our competitors) A clean, safe, and fully attended store maximizes the store’s potential and makes it a destination within its market.

This industry is known for old, tired, dirty “ZOMBIEMATS.” We want Franchise Partners that will faithfully maintain our brand!

A blue and white laundry room with a lot of washers and dryers.

Small Budget, Maximum Results

Why our brand?

Right Location + Right Size Store + Right Equipment Mix = Max Profits!

We build and operate the stores for efficiency. Efficiency = profits. Why? Because extra equipment and non-essential equipment costs money, causes higher rent expenses and extra maintenance costs

Site Selection

This is critical to the success of your store. The right location can make or break a store. We will not tell you “yes” to any location you choose. We have studied the proper demographic criteria and matched that with the proper site criteria to choose the best location. This also tells us the proper store size to build within your market. We are not in the business of selling you equipment and walking away.

Layout & Store Design

We will provide the proper store design and layout for each location. (Don’t worry, we have done this before and know what you will need.) Our store design sets us apart from the standard laundromat.

Equipment Mix

After looking at your demographics, store location and store size, we will work with you on the most effective equipment mix for maximum profits.

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