Are laundromat washing machines clean?

Laundromat washing machines are routinely cleaned. However, it's always a good idea to check the machine before using it to ensure it's clean. Here at WaveMAX, our machines are cleaned, disinfected and inspected regularly, so you can rest assured that your clothes will come out clean and fresh.

Do I need to sort my clothes into different colors (whites and colors)?

We'll take care of all the separating for you! Please let us know if there is anything special you would like done with your clothes. We try to accommodate all requests.

Do I need to weigh my laundry?

No, you don’t have to weigh your laundry. We have a scale on-site for weighing clothes before they are washed! This helps ensure the best results for your laundry.

Do you accept credit cards?

We are happy to take all major credit cards for our wash-dry fold service, so you don't have to worry about carrying any cash or coins!

Do you do bulk laundry for commercial establishments?

Yes, we offer bulk laundry services for commercial establishments. We have a range of machines that can accommodate large loads of laundry.

How does self-service laundry work?

You’ll need to load money onto a WaveMAX laundry card from the card machine. These machines take cash and credit cards. After your card is activated, you can begin using any of the washers or dryers in the laundromat. Detergent is available for purchase from our counter. 

Our staff are always on-hand to help with you with any step of the process. 

Is my identity and payment information protected?

We believe in protecting your privacy, and we work hard to keep all the information stored about you confidential. Your payment details are never shared or sold to anyone,

What are the benefits of a wash-dry-fold service?

Wash-dry-fold laundry service is all about giving you back your time. You might choose to have us do your laundry every week or just when your to-do list has gotten out of hand. Perhaps you need to take something off your plate during an illness or after the birth of a baby. No matter which way we can help you, one thing is for sure, we know you have better things to do than laundry. 

What are the benefits of commercial laundry?

There are many benefits of using commercial laundry services, especially for businesses. Commercial laundry services can save businesses time and money. They can also ensure that clothes and linen are cleaned correctly and consistently. This can be especially important for businesses that require a high level of cleanliness, such as restaurants or hospitals.

What happens if my clothes are damaged?

We're always grateful when our customers take the time to inform us about any issues with their orders. This rarely happens, but if it does, we'll work hard with you to find a fair solution!

What type of products do you use?

We're committed to being environmentally responsible, meaning you can feel good about washing your clothes at our laundromat. We use an unscented eco-friendly hypoallergenic detergent, so we don't irritate the skin with harsh chemicals!

When is the last wash available?

We know how important it is to get your laundry done quickly, so we let you start the last wash 60 minutes before closing. 

Where do I find your closest location?

WaveMAX Laundry has multiple laundromats in different locations around the country. Find your nearest WaveMAX laundromat by checking our “Locations” page on the website.

Will you wash and dry my clothes with other people's clothes?

No, we will not wash and dry your clothes with other people's clothes. We understand that you may have specific laundry needs or preferences, and we want to respect your wishes. We will wash and dry your clothes separately from other people's clothes to ensure that they are handled according to your instructions.


With your first delivery we will give you your own WaveMAX laundry bags, but what do you do before then? It’s easy, just leave your laundry in disposable bags for our drivers to pick up. We recommend using 13-gallon kitchen bags. 1 loosely packed bag is about the same as our Standard bag and 2 full bags are close to our Large bag. Please don’t send your laundry in hampers or on hangers – both can be damaged in transport.

When we return your clean laundry, we will include your personalized laundry bags. Once you have these laundry bags, you can stuff them full at your convenience for future orders.

If you need more bags or replacement bags, just ask!


We use different bags to differentiate services. You control the treatment and pricing of your order. With every bag your clothes will be washed using state-of-the-art washers that spin at 450G. Efficiently removing water from your clothes means less time in the dryer, extending the life of your clothing. Our UV sanitization system provides hospital-grade laundry disinfection with every wash.

Our delicate bag is offered to customers as an add-on item to a standard or large bag. Items in a delicate bag will be washed on a gentle cycle and dried on low heat. 

Our standard and large bags get treated like regular laundry – washed, dried, and folded. These bags hold your everyday clothing, towels, sheets, and other items that you would wash at home. Items in this bag will be washed in cold water and dried on medium heat. Unless specified, we will hang collared shirts and dresses.

Do you have large items like comforters or pillows that you would like us to wash for you? Just place these in disposable bags and put out with your regular laundry. Our team will treat these with the same great care as the rest of your laundry. These are charged per item and you’ll find pricing online when you schedule your pickup.


No, we sort for you! Our professional team will separate your lights from darks.

As part of our standard practices, we sort and check all garments for stains in production. However, it helps if you notify us of stains and special requests in your order notes. Additionally, while sorting we will do a quick pocket check. Please check pockets before sending us your laundry, we’re sorry we can’t be held liable for any damage caused by errant chapsticks, pens, or other items. You can choose other treatment options in your account preferences as well, including bleach whites, or use scented detergent.


There is no need to be home for your scheduled pickup and delivery. In fact, most people prefer to just leave their clothes out for our drivers.

If you have any notes on where to collect your clothes (ex. back porch, by the garage door, at the concierge desk, etc) feel free to include those in your order notes. These notes help guarantee that all pickups and deliveries are successful. You’ll be notified along the way and we will handle it from here!


You can expect our team to wash, dry, and beautifully fold all your clothes in 2 business days. We will send you a text when we are finished and If you haven’t already you’ll be prompted to schedule your delivery time. Need it sooner? You can always come in and pick your laundry up from us in the store. We would love to meet you.


Our drivers are our employees, paid a fair and responsible wage. They are not gig-workers reliant on tips. We don’t outsource the pickup and delivery of your laundry to anyone else. We want to ensure your clothes are cared for by us door to door.


We take pride in delivering beautifully folded clothes to you every time. We pack like-items in drawer-ready bags aimed at making laundry as easy as possible. Shirts with shirts. Pants with pants. Kids clothes with kids clothes, etc.


There is no one size fits all solution – but here are a few ways customers use us.

Most families use our pickup and delivery service every week which allows them to get their clothes on a predictable rotation of about 1-2 bags per week. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there are some people who like to let their laundry pile up – meaning they only need one big order per month.

Some use it less as a replacement for their washing machine and more as a quick ‘get out of jail free card’ when things really start piling up. In that crowd, there is a big group of folks that only send their sheets and towels during their seasonal deep clean.

Some families use us just to wash their kids' clothes. Why spend hours folding all those teeny clothes when you could be snuggling those teeny bodies?

The point is delivery of laundry is really a day-saver. Everyone can use some help lightening the load! But it isn’t a one size fits all service. Test it out a couple of times and see where you find your sweet spot. Wherever it is, we’ve got a spot for you.

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