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Fastest and Hottest Dryers in Town

First of all, we do not “mess with” the dryer temperature! (Some owners have been known to reduce the dryer temperatures requiring the customers to spend more money.)

Our dryers are kept at the factory setting for optimum drying. We want our customers to enjoy the fastest and cheapest dry cycle on the market. We don’t want you spending a fortune, we want you to come back!

Meet Our Team

Rockstar Support.

WaveMAX Sheila Roberts CFO Sheila served as President for Learning Time Academy for 7 years. Sheila has served as Managing Partner of AU Hydro LLC (DBA: WaveMAX® Laundry) since 2012 and serves as Managing Partner for Wave Max Franchise, LLC.
WaveMAX Dennis Mulgannon Franchise Development The franchise development is being spearheaded by Dennis Mulgannon of Franchise Scale who has successfully launched Home Care Assistance (HCA) in 2005, Junk King in 2011 and The Flying Locksmiths (TFL) in 2015 into national brands. Today HCA will exceed $125MM in system-wide sales and Junk King after only five years of franchising will hit $44MM. The Flying Locksmiths are one of the fastest growing service concepts in the US after less than a year franchising with 68 franchises sold already as of October 1, 2016.
WaveMAX Geoff Batchelder Franchise Development Geoff has partnered with Dennis to launch our franchise development effort. Prior to that, he was a part of the franchise development effort at Junk King, which after only five years of franchising will hit $44MM. He and Dennis teamed to launch The Flying Locksmiths; one of the fastest growing service concepts in the US after less than a year of franchising with 68 franchises sold already as of October 1, 2016. Geoff has been a franchise consultant since 2008. Prior to launching the franchise consulting business, Geoff had a 25-year career in the high-tech industry working in several executive management positions with Silicon Valley start-ups.

Our Equipment Sets Us Apart

As a result of many years of research, we have found the best equipment on the market!

WaveMAX® Washers:
Our washers will automatically weigh your clothes and use the precise amount of water required for the best possible wash. (Our washers are the only machines on the market with this feature) They also extract at 200G Force. (Most machines are 80G to 100G). This provides a much cleaner wash and reduces your dry time. New 450G Washers are now available as well!

WaveMAX® Dryers:
Eco Power: We have the only dryers on the market that have a built in sensor that determines the “dryness” of the clothes. As the clothes dry, the dryers automatically adjusts the temperature for optimum drying. This saves the clothes from being scorched and helps the gas bill.

Dryer Reversing: Our dryers will reverse themselves during their cycle. This keeps the clothes free from being tangled up. This feature allows the clothes to dry faster. (Free clothes are happy clothes!) The clothes also have fewer wrinkles.

Eco Power and dryer reversing allow for the best energy savings in the industry.


Laundry Services When You Need It

Take a look at our facilities in the gallery below. We take pride in the quality of our equipment.

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