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WaveMAX Laundry: Your Trusted Commercial Laundry Service Partner

When it comes to running a business, every detail matters — even laundry. You want a commercial laundry service in Orange County that's reliable, flexible, and understands your unique needs. That's where WaveMAX Laundry comes in. We specialize in offering commercial laundry services to a wide range of industries in our local area.

Some of the commercial accounts we serve include:

  • Remediation Companies
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Salons & Spas
  • Health Clubs
  • Medical Offices
  • Country Clubs
  • Airbnb & Rentals
  • Party Supply
  • Linens
  • Dog Groomers
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Employee Uniforms
  • And more!

Our team has extensive experience with large commercial orders! We utilize the latest technology and our exclusive Omni UV sanitization system to handle any commercial laundry job in a timely, quality, and affordable manner.

WaveMAX Sanitization


WaveMAX Tustin CA
WaveMAX Tustin CA

Use Pickup & Delivery Services to Save Time!

Time is money, and you need to focus on your core business competencies. That’s why you should use our pickup and delivery service for your commercial laundry service in Orange County. We pick up and deliver commercial laundry orders Monday through Friday and have morning and afternoon windows available. Plus, our driver will text you when they are on the way. Save time and focus on what really matters to your business by utilizing our pickup and delivery services!

We offer residential pickup and delivery throughout Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange, Newport Beach, and Anaheim. Contact us at 855-4-WaveMAX to learn more.

The Benefits of Utilizing Commercial Laundry

You might be wondering why you should utilize commercial laundry services in Orange County. There are countless reasons! The long list of benefits includes:

  • Save time and money by utilizing commercial laundry experts so you can focus on the core competencies of your business.
  • Cleaner laundry from a process that provides effective disinfection, which is 500 times more powerful than hot water and bleach.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing your laundry is being handled by experts and your clients and patrons will have clean, fresh linens and towels.

Now that you know all the benefits of utilizing the commercial laundry services at WaveMAX Laundry, keep reading to learn more about how we can help your specific industry!

Tailored Solutions for Remediation Companies

Remediation work often involves handling heavily soiled or contaminated items. Our state-of-the-art machines are designed to provide a deep clean, removing dirt, grime, and contaminants effectively. We ensure your materials are properly sanitized and ready for safe reuse. Plus, we can offer storage in our warehouse while remediation activities continue.

Now that you know all the benefits of utilizing the commercial laundry services at WaveMAX Laundry, keep reading to learn more about how we can help your specific industry!

WaveMAX Tustin CA

Support for Colleges & Schools

In an educational environment, cleanliness is paramount. We handle bulk commercial laundry services in Orange County for schools and colleges, from team uniforms and lab coats to dormitory bed linens. Count on us for efficient, timely service, so your students can focus on their studies in a clean, comfortable setting.

Sophisticated Care for Country Clubs

From gym towels to dining linens and everything in between, we provide impeccable commercial laundry services in Orange County to meet the high standards of country clubs. We know your clientele expects the best and our attention to detail ensures your textiles remain in top condition, reflecting the upscale environment of your establishment.

WaveMAX Tustin CA

Enhanced Luxury for Salons & Spas

In the beauty industry, maintaining clean towels, robes, and linens is key to ensuring a luxurious experience for your clients. We provide top-notch laundry services, taking the utmost care to preserve the quality and integrity of your items so your clients have clean, ready-to-use towels.

Keeping Health Clubs Fresh

Nothing hampers a workout like unclean gym towels or worn-out yoga mats. We work with health clubs providing commercial laundry services in Orange County to keep your towels, uniforms, and fitness accessories clean and fresh, contributing to a healthy and inviting exercise environment that keeps patrons coming back.

WaveMAX Tustin CA

Sanitizing Medical Office Linens

In the medical field, sanitation is crucial. We adhere to industry standards for cleaning and sanitizing medical linens and uniforms, helping to maintain a safe and clean environment for both your staff and patients. WaveMAX Laundry will provide clean laundry that eliminates the spread of disease or infection.

Fresh Airbnb & Rental Linens

We understand the challenges faced by Airbnb hosts and rental property managers. Quick turnaround times, impeccable cleanliness, and hassle-free service are a must to remain highly rated and rented out. Our commercial laundry service in Orange County can help you ensure that every guest checks into a space with fresh linens.

Why Choose WaveMAX Laundry?

At WaveMAX Laundry, we believe in delivering the best for our clients. When partnering with us for commercial laundry service in Orange County, you will get:

  • High-Quality Cleaning: Our advanced laundry technologies ensure a superior clean every time.
  • Prompt Service: We prioritize timeliness, ensuring your laundry is ready when you need it.
  • Custom Solutions: We work with you to develop a laundry service plan tailored to your business needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer value-driven pricing to meet a variety of budgets.
  • Expansive Service Area: We are based in Tustin CA but also offer commercial laundry services throughout Orange County in Santa Ana, Irvine, Orange, Newport Beach, and Anaheim.

Don't let laundry worries slow you down. Outsource your commercial laundry needs to the experts at WaveMAX Laundry and spend more time doing what you love — running your business.

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Ready to Get Started with Commercial Laundry Services?

When it comes to commercial laundry service in Orange County, WaveMAX laundry is the company to call. Our team is ready to work with you to create a customized commercial laundry plan to suit your unique needs and help take your business to the next level. Experience the WaveMAX difference for yourself and give us a call today at 855-4-WaveMAX!

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